Zebra Mussels 

Don’t let zebra mussels destroy your boat or structure. Call us today! 

Private Docks/Boats/Watercraft
We remove zebra mussels from ski boats, house boats, deck boats, pontoons, and docks. We’ll assess your infestation, providing you pictures from before and after the work is conducted. Our certified and insured divers do it all while your boat is still on the lake, eliminating time and hassle of removing them from the water! Zebra mussels cause costly damage to boat hulls and clog intakes on motors, air conditioners, and marine toilets. They attach to any hard surface like boat docks and fishing piers causing deterioration making them structurally unsound.

We Inspect and Remove zebra mussels from municipal, power plant and industrial water intakes and underwater structure. Our certified and insured divers are experts and all work includes a detailed report with video of the dive. Zebra mussels destroy underwater structure by attaching in massive numbers to intakes, intake barges, marine electrical lines, mooring systems and flotation increasing pumping cost, fouling mooring and damaging structure.

  • Mussel infestation assessment
  • Video and written report

Our Crew of Skilled ADCI Certified Divers and Deckhands are Proficient

at Many Tasks Including:

  • Removal plan & estimate
  • Preventive maintenance plan
Licensed, Bonded & Insured


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